MADIE – Multifunctional Agriculture as a Driver for Innovation in rural Europe


The international network of the Madie project is composed of selected institutions. Each one brings with it a peculiarity that makes it so valuable for cooperation and cooperation in the shaping of rural areas. It is a mixture of research and education skills and the development of good practice over the last decades. Here is an overview of the partner institutions supporting the project.

Starkmacher e.V.

Starkmacher e.V. (founded. 2006) is a non-profit organization of civil society, which is mainly active at grassroots level. The aim is to strengthen and empower people to respond positively to the lack of orientation, lack of opportunities for development, emerging frustration and increasing prospects. The focus of the activities is on projects in the fields of adult education, intercultural learning and youth work in different social and ethnic environments. Social inclusion projects, including integration into the labour market, represent a further focus of work. The target group is the most disadvantaged groups, such as young unemployed, early school dropouts, juvenile offenders and prison inmates.
Starker e.v. maintains close relations with local, Reg. & National Charities, other NGOs and relevant ministries, public authorities and private companies/SMEs. The organisation has access to international networks of friendly institutions and is now active throughout Europe, as well as in some countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

LUKE- Natural Resources Institute Finland

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) encompasses the state Forschungsinstitiut MMT MTT Agrifood Research Finland, that Finnish Forest Research Institute, the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute and the Statistical Service of the information centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
The task of the new research and organisation is to promote competitive business activities, based on the sustainable use of renewable natural resources that enhance the prosperity and vitality of rural areas Serve. The Institute supports decision-making processes on social issues and compiles statistical information in the area of food and renewable natural resources. It also carries out tasks to ensure the genetic diversity of cultivated cereals, livestock and trees.

The activities of researchs and experts of the Natural Resources Institute Finland are based on comprehensive competence. Four research units, a statistical unit and an internal service unit comprise all groups and teams whose competencies have been and will be used in multidisciplinary research programmes and projects with Finnish and int'l partners. The customers, the end users of information and solutions, play an important role in the planning and content design of the research activities.
Luke is an exceptionally interdisciplinary research institute, which combines extensive expertise and research competence in order to promote the sustainable use of natural resources. The Natural Resources Institute Finland operates in nearly 40 of a total of 53 locations in Finland. Since the beginning of 2015 it has 1,700 employees. The headquarters are located in Helsinki.

County Governor of Hordaland

The state Office for Agriculture (Fylkesmannen i Hordaland, Landbruksavdelinga) is actually an administrative body that focuses on laws, regulations, funding applications and control tasks. Only a small department deals with issues of value creation in rural areas, including local food, tourism, timber construction, energy and Village development. On a national scale, however, this division is considered to be one of the leading and most advanced centres of excellence in rural development. The employees are competent and successful in the field of project work, as advisers of municipalities, farmers and farms in rural areas. The Office also contributes to the success of the projects with financial support funds. Over the years, there has been a large network of different actors from administration, research, private and public project operators in the region and also at national level to achieve the objectives set.

NAK Nonprofit Kft.

Bács Agrárház nonprofit Kft., as the establishment is called with full name, was founded by the National Chamber of Agriculture on July 1, 2009. It is a non-profit company with limited liability that offers to the actors of the agri-food industry services. It is a small medium-sized company that has branches in every district (19) of Hungary. By the end of 2013, Bács Agrárház nonprofit Kft. was still a company at the district level, in the year 2014 the National Chamber of Agriculture decided to join all non-profit-making companies at the district level under the Bács Agrárház nonprofit Kft.
The service spectrum is to supplement the services of the Chamber, which are determined by the law on the National Chamber of Agriculture and are free of charge. The Bács Agrárház nonprofit Kft. Develops services according to the demand of the Chamber members, but is independent of the regulations of the legal framework of the Chamber. Customers are natural persons (farmers) and small businesses. The main services include: Organisation of training courses and courses for adults, advice on access to funds for rural Development, operation of an accredited consultancy service center (farmers can provide free advice to experts of any kind for their own businesses).

Terre di Loppiano srl

The cooperative  "Terre di Loppiano " was created with the aim of implementing the cooperative business model of the ' economy in community ', a community economic form originating from a Christian entrepreneurship initiative. The task is to develop and offer a line of "branded products" through the online shop (, in which quality assurance is guaranteed in the interest of the consumer.
The authenticity of these products is the result of the work and experience of the people who work in an environmentally friendly and conscious decision for the people and their well-being. The brand ' Terre di Loppiano  ' does not express so much a territorial link, but ' Terre  ' (country) as the intrinsic value of the country in the world, which, respected, can give fruits of the highest quality. "Loppiano " is the reference of our actions, which has its roots in the local anchorage in the settlement Loppiano.
The special feature of the project is to create the possible competition relations with each other, while at the same time the skills and experience of the individual want to be a service of the common good. In the exhibition room, located inside the industrial park Lionello Bonfanti in Incisa Val d ' Arno (Florence), more than 200 qualified, certified and tested products are to be seen; Among them there are also products from other continents, such as coffee from Colombia, chocolate products from Ecuador and natural cosmetics from Argentina.
The integration of all players in the supply chain, transparency, product quality and responsibility towards social and environmental sustainability are key values that make  "Terre di Loppiano " something special. From last year, the shop has expanded with the opening of a bar in the middle of the showroom where you can taste the different products. The restaurant is also ideal for group meals and family celebrations.
It is our diverse experience and goals that arise from the cooperation and commitment of people who want to install and use a ' new economy ' in addition to the promotion of a ' agriculture for human '.


Perhaps you have an idea of how the rural area can become even more attractive, have suggestions for us, what we can complement or do better? Would you like to get in touch with us? Here are the addresses:

Contact Germany

Starkmacher e.V.
Christian Röser
Coblitzallee 8
68163 Mannheim

Contact Finland

LUKE - Natural Resources Institute Finland
Robert Prinz
Yliopistokatu 6
80101 Joensuu

Contact Norway

County Governor of Hordaland
Dirk Kohlmann
Kaigaten 9
5020 Bergen, NO051 - Hordaland

Contact Hungary

NAK Nonprofit Kft.
Zoltán Szabó
Tatár Sor 6
6000 Kecskemét

Contact Italy

Terre di Loppiano srl
Pietro Isolan
Località burchio sn
50064 Incisa in Val d'Arno