MADIE – Multifunctional Agriculture as a Driver for Innovation in rural Europe



The highlight of the almost two-week stay of our project team in Tuscany was the multiplier event on April 01, 2017. The aim of this public event was, on the one, the presentation of the Madie project together with the content developed up to this point and the acquisition of multipliers for the development of rural areas. Interested parties came from all the project countries to participate in the event. In addition to the project partners, our project managers were also able to gain external organisations and institutions for guest lectures. The setting alone was worth the trip: In the middle of the garden of the Villa Bar Dini, from which visitors have a wonderful view over Florence and the cathedral, the seminar room where our event took place.

The event opened Dr. Alberto Giuntoli, president of the Tuscan Horticulture Society and at the same time hosts this day. Afterwards, Christian Röser and Pietro Isolan presented the Madie project to the audience. In addition to the history of Genesis, the basic idea and the personal connection to this topic, the two referenda praised the productive cooperation of the project countries and the positive effect that the project has triggered on all project partners. In addition to our project partners, who all held a lecture on their experiences and progress and presented the results of their outcomes to the present, "Accademia dei Georgofili " Also presented a blog of local students, the young People who are active in the agricultural sector have the opportunity to network and exchange themselves among themselves. Before the lunch break, Christian Röser presented the rural Academy in his second lecture, an online platform that will carry on the results, ideas and progress of the Madie project and serve as an educational platform for people all over the world. The final lecture was then withheld from Professor Francesco Ferrini, the president of the School of Agriculture at the University of Florence. 

But the event was not over yet. Outside the building, the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the referendums as well as with the other guests and to have the event Revue pass. The perfect finish then provided Elia Renzi with a guided tour through the dreamlike garden of the Villa Bardini, which he personally knows best, as he is responsible for it as a landscape architect and his work place in the Villa Bardini.

Last but not least, a big thank you to our project partner Terre di Loppiano, who took over the catering for this event and pampered the guests during the lunch break with a delicious buffet.