MADIE – Multifunctional Agriculture as a Driver for Innovation in rural Europe


About the project

Rural areas in Europe account for a large total area and are still in a great upheaval. One of the biggest problems is the lack of prospects for young people, who see limited work and therefore limited future perspectives in the most structurally weak areas.
The project deals with farmers, foresters and small and medium sized enterprises or its associated processing establishments. Special consideration is given to the perspective of young people in agriculture and the rural areas. They are carriers of innovative, new concepts and also benefit from the wide-ranging effects. The project takes the experiences of all project partners in their countries in the formulation of 
future prospects and brings them together in a wider context. Different models of cooperation, such as cooperatives or associations of local players, have been established in recent years in different regions of the partner countries.
They created jobs in agriculture or forestry often in conjunction with new marketing, tourism, nature conservation and nature education projects.